Here at Christian Virtual School we consider ourselves extremely blessed and are so thankful for our exceptional team of teachers. Today we want to introduce to you Mr. Ron Will, who has been with us since the start of the 2022-2023 school year. He currently teaches our MCR3U – Grade 11 Functions course, with plans to also teach our MCF3M – Functions and Applications and ICS3U – Introduction to Computer Science courses when they become available.

Ron graduated from the University of Windsor in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in Education with minors in Physics and Psychology.

After graduating, Ron began his teaching career teaching mathematics and communication technology in a remote community in northern Ontario. Working in the north gave him his first experiences with online education.

Following his experiences up north, he came back to southern Ontario to work with an online school and continued to learn and develop his skills as a developer of online courses. This inspired him to want to learn more about web development and started him on the path to becoming a full-stack web developer. There, he has written many courses, been the department head of mathematics, business, and computer studies, and now he is a member of the technical development team that works to leverage the various technologies of the web and allow our developers to create amazing content.

He joins Christian Virtual School with a plethora of knowledge in not only his favourite subjects, but in the production and development of each course, giving him the expert know-how he needs in order to help guide students through their courses. He is a wonderful addition to the team!

Aside from teaching, Ron’s other interests include camping, kayaking, and cooking. He says “I look forward to working with new students and sharing my passion for life-long learning.”

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