Christian Curriculum

Firmly Rooted

A vital part of our mission is to deliver exceptional learning experiences that are firmly rooted in a Christ-centered worldview. So, what does this mean?

At Christian Virtual School, it means:

  • All our courses are built with a Christian perspective. Each course not only meets the Ontario curriculum standards but also goes one step further to explore how different subjects, topics, and themes are described in the Bible and related to Christianity. Our courses build on students’ faith, helping them solidify the foundation on which they stand.
  • Students are taught skills in critical thinking, information processing, and communication to bring together what they are learning in their courses and their own family’s faith. Our courses ask students to evaluate their own faith within a Christian context and examine multiple points of view. Students are given the tools to explore topics in a safe environment and to communicate with their parents, mentors, and churches as they explore issues that affect them.
  • A weekly Bible study is available to all students at Christian Virtual School. The study focuses on our values as a school and challenges our students to grow spiritually as well as academically. The study brings all our students and their families together as a community to support one another.
  • Although they may be coming from different denominations, all staff and teachers at Christian Virtual School are united by their desire to serve Christ and to share His love. Staff and teachers welcome prayer, Bible study, and thoughtful discussions as a part of their everyday interactions with students and their families.

Christian Curriculum

All students at Christian Virtual School have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Bible study. This study spans a school year, but the teachings are built in such a way that students can participate no matter when they enroll in the school. More information on the upcoming themes is available below.

Defining Yourself in Christ. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 (NIV).

Communicating Christ’s Love

Beginning Fall 2023

The world has an incredible amount of beauty and joy to experience and thrive in, but it is also filled with division. Division due to differences in beliefs, abilities, backgrounds, geography, and more. This study encourages students to examine these topics with the goal of providing them with information about cultures, choices, and abilities that they may not have been exposed to, or fully understand. Issues like poverty, homelessness, illnesses, disabilities, and lifestyles are explored from Christ’s perspective in a bible study, by using practical examples, and by making connections to the modern world. 

Alongside these explorations are lessons on concrete skills that students can develop to communicate Christ’s love through not only their words but their actions as well.

A Multi-Denominational World. So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. Galatians 3:26 (NIV).

Building a Community

Beginning Fall 2024

In this course, students complete a bible study that focusses in on Christ’s view of building and helping within a community. The course will define what a community is and follow examples of communities in the Bible and in modern times that have been able to accomplish great things when people have come together for a common cause.

Students are taught concrete skills on how to become involved in their community of choice. They are taught how to recognize what they have to offer, are encouraged to explore how this aligns to their passion, and are shown how to put what they are learning into practice.