About Our School

Christian Virtual School is a not-for-profit organization offering fully online courses at both the elementary and secondary level. All our courses are aligned to the Ontario curriculum and are taught by educators who are passionate about each student and their individual walks with Christ.

Anyone is able to register for a course with Christian Virtual School and they can access their courses from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. All course content is online, including assessments, interactions with teachers, and any final exams.

Christian Virtual School is open year-round and our courses are asynchronous. This means students can register for a course on any day of the year and begin completing it as soon as the next business day. This allows students to work at their own pace and create their own schedules. It also allows students the freedom to take one course at a time, or many courses at once, depending on what makes most sense for them.

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What We Offer

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Elementary Courses

At the elementary level, our goal is to support homeschooling families by providing comprehensive courses that offer an opportunity for blended learning in the home. Working together, we can help support your child’s individual needs and unique interests.

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Secondary Courses

At the secondary level, our goal is to provide students with an alternative education option that emphasizes a Christ-centered worldview, flexibility, and personalization. Whether it is one course or many, we are here to help you meet your academic goals.

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Student Support

We believe in supporting each and every one of our students, and their families, as they navigate their online education. We are here to answer questions, provide guidance, and determine the best solutions to issues you are facing.

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