Christian Virtual School

Who We Are

We connect learners to exceptional online Christian education. Our fully online, self-paced courses follow the Ontario curriculum and challenge students to grow both academically and spirituallyAs a not-for-profit organization, we are focused on building a supportive community for elementary and secondary learners and their families. Our educators are passionate about supporting each student and their individual walks with Christ. 

Our mission as a school is to connect learners to online Christian education. Through personalized teaching and compassionate administrative support, we deliver exceptional learning experiences that are firmly rooted in a Christ-centered worldview. Our fully online courses challenge students to grow both spiritually and academically. Our global learning community celebrates and champions the need to serve others. We encourage and inspire our students to embrace the value of community engagement and to make a positive impact.

Our vision is a world in which everyone can have access to exceptional Christian education.

How It Works

Students and families may register for a course at any time and start as soon as the next business day. Our courses are self-paced. That is, they adapt to your schedule and your particular needs as a learnerYou’re free to take one course at a time, or several courses at once—whatever make the most sense for you. With 12 months to finish the courses, our students choose when and where to study, when to submit assessments, and when to write their final exam.

Rooted in a Christian worldview, our courses cover the Ontario curriculum expectations and are infused with creative instruction, variety, choice, and flexibilityWe encourage students to connect what they are learning to the Bible and to strengthen their relationship with Christ. Our students develop their critical thinking, investigation, and communication skills by discussing crucial topics that span denominations. 

Assignments and quizzes appear throughout the course content. Students submit their answers and written assignments online. Interactive activities and multimedia elements are present throughout the content to engage students, provide opportunities to practice understanding, and differentiate instruction. All aspects of the course can be completed online, within the learning environment, including the final exam.

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