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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Below you will find the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find your question on the list, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can either fill in the form on this page or reach out directly using one of the contact methods on our contact page.


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Asynchronous means that our courses do not align to a schedule. All of the course content, teachers, and administration staff are available year-round. Students can enroll in a course on any day and begin their coursework within 1 business day. Students can set and maintain their own schedule, completing a course at a pace that matches their needs. This means they can complete it in less time than a semester or take up to 12 months.

In our high school courses, depending on the demand for a course, when a student enrolls, they may be asked if they would like to join a cohort. A cohort is a group of students who are starting a course at a similar time and who have similar goals for the pace at which they want to complete it. An enrollment in a cohort isn’t as flexible as the fully asynchronous option, but it does allow for more structure and accountability regarding deadlines, as well as more opportunities for community and relationship building in the form of class discussions, group activities, and more.

Never. Students can switch out of the cohort and into the asynchronous version of their course at any time. Students can switch into a cohort only if there is an alignment between where they are in their course and where the active cohorts are. Either way, a student keeps the same teacher and all their progress is maintained.

Anyone! No matter their age, location, education level, or current school, anyone is eligible to take a course at Christian Virtual School. Permission from a student’s main school of registration is not required. It is important to look at the prerequisite requirements for the specific course of interest, however, to ensure eligibility.

Yes, no matter a student’s residency, they can take courses at Christian Virtual School. Please note that there may be additional fees for international admissions.

Christian Virtual School courses are asynchronous. This means that they do not align to a schedule and students can move through the course at their own pace, taking up to 12 months. Each high school course is designed to take 110 hours, and each elementary course is designed to provide enough material for an entire school year. If a student in high school has enrolled with a cohort, the suggested pace will be aligned to a 5-month timeline.

Christian Virtual School has a flexible admissions policy and students are able to enroll in 1 course, or several, depending on what they need at the time. In high school, a full-time course load is considered 4 courses over a 5-month period and, unless there are extenuating circumstances, we wouldn’t recommend trying to do more than that at once!


Yes, if Christian Virtual School is not a student’s main school of registration, we will communicate with a student’s regular school to inform them that they have registered for a course, again to let them know when the midpoint of the course has been reached, and again when the course has been completed. For high school courses, the midterm report and final report card will both be sent to the student’s regular school.

Yes, upon request, Christian Virtual School can notify OUAC, OCAS, or any post-secondary institution of a student’s enrolment, midterm report, or final report.

Elementary Courses

By default, no. But the support of a qualified elementary teacher can be added upon enrollment. Although the courses are built to be comprehensive, and can be facilitated by a home educator, a teacher can be available to help guide student learning, provide feedback, grade assessments, and provide progress reports. We find this is especially helpful to families in the higher grades.

Absolutely! That is what they have been designed for. You can use these courses to confidently cover every expectation within the Ontario curriculum. See our elementary page for more information.

High School Courses

Yes, every student enrolled in a high school course is assigned a qualified teacher. Students will have the same teacher throughout the entire course and will be able to communicate with them through discussions, online meetings, and the internal e-mail system.

Great question! Yes, Christian Virtual School is an inspected private school granting credits toward the OSSD. Our Ontario Ministry of Education BSID number is 669600.

Yes, Christian Virtual School is an inspected private school granting credits toward the OSSD, meaning that they will be recognized by universities and colleges worldwide.

High School Exams

All exams at Christian Virtual School are online and proctored through Integrity Advocate, a privacy company that offers proctoring for online exams. The learning environment and learner are monitored by biometric technology, and their services are available 24/7, where ever and whenever needed. No plugin or software install is required. Integrity Advocate will work on the most up-to-date operating system and browser. To write the exam, a student must email their teacher when they are ready. Their teacher will release the exam, and the student may complete it at their convenience.

The student selects the date, time, and location of the final exam. The student must email their teacher with their desired date. It is advised that students reach out to their teacher at least 3 days in advance of their chosen date.

Assignments and tests do not have to be completed at the time of request, but must be submitted before writing the exam. If students are worried about completing their assignments before their chosen exam date, they should reach out to their teacher.

Yes, the exam time and date is very flexible, suiting the student’s needs. Once students have communicated with their teacher about their exam, they may write at any time.

No. Any work not submitted in advance of the exam will be graded with a mark of zero. Assignments and tests must be submitted but do not need to be marked before a student writes the exam.

Depending on the course, a formula sheet may or may not be permitted during the exam. If such aids are permitted, the formula sheet will be provided to students within their final exam.

No. If a course has a final exam, this is a mandatory part of course completion.

If a student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), there may be assessment accommodations made for their final exam. To implement these accommodations, students should email before scheduling the exam with their teacher. Alternate arrangements may have to be made depending on what accommodations need to be implemented.

Christian Curriculum

Christian Virtual School takes a multi-denomination approach and does not align to one denomination in particular. For more information, read our statement of faith.

Feel free to reach out directly to Sarah McKercher, our Principal, at She would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have about the curriculum or approach.

The focus at Christian Virtual School is on building our students’ skills in critical thinking, information processing, and communication to bring together what they are learning and their own family’s faith to solidify the foundation on which they stand. Students are asked to explore topics and questions outside of the ‘classroom’ by reaching out to their parents, mentors, churches, and role models to start conversations, build relationships, and grow together. Rather than limiting the worldviews they are exposed to, they are often asked to examine new points of view within the context of their own faith, and the courses end up being quite personalized journeys for students. That said, do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah McKercher, our Principal directly as if you have questions or concerns. She will be happy to discuss options with you.

Admission and Fees

A student can enroll in a course at Christian Virtual School on any day, at any time, and expect to begin working in their course within 1 business day.

Start by reviewing the admission process and fees page. After reading through the information on that page, enrollment is as simple as filling out the form on our register now page.

The most up-to-date tuition fees can be found on our admission process and fees page. Our mission as a school is to remove barriers, including financial, to Christian education. We try to keep our fees as minimal as possible, but if you are concerned about the cost we do have scholarship and bursary options. Feel free to contact for more information on these options.

For Canadian students there are no additional costs*. The tuition fee associated with course enrollment covers the entire student experience, including guidance and administration costs. For international students, there may be an additional fee upon enrollment, please see the international admissions page for more information.

*There may be a need in English courses to borrow or purchase novels for study. If a student chooses to purchase the book rather than borrow it from a library that cost is not covered by Christian Virtual School.


A prerequisite course is one that the Ministry of Education has determined is required for a student to take prior to taking the next level of the subject. This ensures that students are properly prepared to be successful as the topics become more complex. The specific prerequisites for a course can be found on their course outlines.

In most cases, yes. A student may enroll in a course at any time but will not be able to proceed through the content until prerequisite proof, in the form of a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript (OST), is provided to Christian Virtual School. There are sometimes extenuating circumstances that can warrant the waiving of a prerequisite. It is up to the Principal of Christian Virtual School to determine whether the prerequisite should be waived based on the student’s education level, experience, or maturity. This can be requested by completing the Prerequisite Waiver Form.