Christian Virtual School is honoured to continue offering quality online Christian education in both elementary and secondary grades for a fifth school year this fall.

In our blog post from November 2020, Firmly Rooted: Prayers, Paperwork, and Preparation we were so grateful, so blessed, so in awe of the progress of the school seven months in and we still feel that way, four years later. We can barely put into words how thankful we are for this opportunity to serve God and our community in this way, and our hearts are ever grateful for the Lord’s guiding hand, for getting us to where we are so far today.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 (NIV)

We offer courses from Grade 4 all the way to 12, aligning to the Ontario curriculum and incorporating our faith along the way. Teaching Psalms as poetry, connecting Christian character traits to mathematics, addressing controversial topics in Health & PE from a completely different perspective than that of the public system, including the Lord’s word in every step

We strive to maintain continuity, familiarity, and engagement in our learning environment to ensure that the emphasis is placed on learning the material, not on how to navigate the online tools. We provide everything a student will require to be successful in their courses. Students are also connected with an Ontario Certified Teacher for each course they are registered in. Teachers are available to answer questions, provide guidance and feedback, mark assignments, and issue report cards.

That’s all well and good you say, but how do you get started? Well! There are a few steps you can take.

If you’ve already read through our website or maybe chatted with a member of our team to get your questions answered and are ready to move forward, register online now! Immediate enrollment is always available and pre-registration for the fall is now open.

Psst! If you pre-register for the fall as a full time student before May 31, use the coupon code CVSEARLYBIRD at checkout to receive $100 off the total full-time tuition.

If you still need some questions answered before committing, peruse our website using the links below or send an email to our Head of Administration. She’ll be happy to answer your questions!

If you’d like a virtual tour and to meet the team behind the school, attend our Virtual Open House on May 23, 2024. Fill out the form below to register for the event.

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We can’t wait to answer your questions, and are so excited to have you join us!