In a previous blog, we introduced MTH1W – a de-streamed Grade 9 mathematics course. This course is the first of what will be many, as the Ministry of Education in Ontario has recently announced that all grade nine courses will be de-streamed for the 2022-2023 school year. This decision was made in an attempt to reduce barriers to education and in order to lift up all students.

The courses affected by this announcement are Grade 9 science, geography, English, and French.

The new science course will still focus on biology, chemistry, physic, earth and space science, and will also help students develop and refine their STEM skills. You can read here the new course description from the Ministry:

This course enables students to develop their understanding of concepts related to biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science, and to relate science to technology, society, and the environment. Throughout the course, students will develop and refine their STEM skills as they use scientific research, scientific experimentation, and engineering design processes to investigate concepts and apply their knowledge in situations that are relevant to their lives and communities. Students will continue to develop transferable skills as they become scientifically literate global citizens.

English, Geography, and French as a second language will now only be offered at the academic level.

We know that these changes can be difficult to navigate and want to help ease any apprehension.

In order to do this, we’d like to open up the floor to you and your questions. Please use the following form to ask our principal any questions about de-streaming and what this means.

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We will answer all questions in next week’s blog.