The Ontario Ministry of Education recently announced that they are beginning the process of de-streaming courses in Grades 9 and 10. The first course to be de-streamed is Grade 9 mathematics.  Previously, Grade 9 students would select between an academic and applied level math course.  Beginning September 2021, students will have one option for Grade 9 mathematics – the new MTH1W course.

The new Grade 9 mathematics curriculum will help students connect to real-life experiences and understand the importance of math across different cultures. The following are the areas of focus: Social-Emotional Learning; Mathematical Thinking and Making Connections; Number; Algebra; Data; Geometry and Measurement and Financial Literacy.

Some of the changes include a focus on social-emotional learning, where students will identify resources that can help them build a healthy relationship with math. Coding will be taught in MTH1W and students will learn to create, read and alter code. Finally, students will learn about financial literacy in MTH1W and will develop budgeting skills.

Parents can support at home by connecting with their children about their learning and making math part of their daily life. The Ministry of Education offers parents several strategies to support their children, which can be found here.

At Christian Virtual School, we incorporate a Christ-centered worldview throughout each of our courses. How do we incorporate a Christian perspective into mathematics? At the unit level, we incorporate a connection to both the course content and scripture.

The following resource provides information for parents:

Interested in enrolling in MTH1W? Christian Virtual School offers MTH1W as of September 7, 2021. Please reach out to our Administration Team ( with any questions.