We are excited to announce a few changes that have happened recently at Christian Virtual School. Our Head of Guidance, Jenna Drennan, has also taken on the role of principal. Our former principal, Sarah McKercher, will remain active in the school community as Executive Director.

We want to thank Sarah McKercher for her work as principal of CVS. As the founder and Executive Director, Sarah has been instrumental in the development and success of Christian Virtual School. Sarah will remain on the Board of Directors and continue to contribute where needed at Christian Virtual School. Sarah and Jenna have been working collaboratively throughout this transition and are excited for the opportunities ahead!

Jenna earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Family Studies and Community Development from Brescia University College – Western University. She also completed her Bachelor of Education Degree at Western University. Jenna is an Ontario Certified Teacher with experience in both public and private education. She brings experience in guidance, teaching in Grades K-12, and course writing.

I am thrilled to be stepping into the role as principal at Christian Virtual School. As Head of Guidance, I have gotten to know the students, staff, and community, whom I am blessed to work with every day. As principal, I plan to be a leader that works cooperatively with staff and students in order to offer quality online Christ-centered education. As a school, we are eager to provide an inclusive learning environment where students can grow both spiritually and academically. I look forward to continuing to support our students in their education and their individual walks with Christ.

— Jenna Drennan, Principal

Moving forward, Sarah McKercher can be contacted at sarah.mckercher@christianvirtualschool.com. You can continue to reach Jenna Drennan at guidance@christianvirtualschool.com with any questions or concerns.