The term Mental Health has been floating around a lot lately, especially since the onset of the pandemic. What does Mental Health mean, though? At its most basic core, it’s a sense of well being. A sense that must be protected, cared for, and nurtured, just as much as our physical bodies need to be. A major part of healthy living is being mentally well. A big part of being mentally well is knowing who you are in Christ and being confident in who God made you to be.

The topic of Mental Health is one that has sparked a lot of debate within the church. Being a Christian does not make someone immune to mental health struggles. It is entirely possible to have strong faith while battling mental health struggles or mental illness. There are even several examples in the Bible of individuals who struggled with their mental health (Moses, Hannah, Jeremiah, David…). In today’s world we’ve seen major changes to our daily lives; we’ve been isolated from the ones we love; we’ve been afraid of what’s still to come. That’s more than enough to shake anyone’s foundation. However, we as Christians have the sturdiest of rocks to stand on. Even when we are brought down, we can always find comfort in the Bible. In times of struggle, we can look towards the Lord for help and guidance. Fixing our eyes on Jesus helps us not only walk on the water of those circumstances, but to dance on the waves of turmoil.

God never saithat our lives would be easy and pain-free. God does promise to be with us through the difficult situations that we face. He wants to have a relationship with us and journey with us through our struggles.

When facing challenging circumstances, when feeling weak or lost, we can ask God for increased strength and guidance. When our thoughts are tumultuous, we can pray for peace in our hearts. When things become too much, we can count on His grace. God wants to help us. We can lift our troubles up to Him, he can lighten our burdens.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

God works through people. If you find yourself struggling – help is available. For more information and resources visit:,,