As the new year progresses, so does our team of teachers! We’d like to introduce to you our French as a Second Language teacher, Mme Melanie Gagnon!

Melanie was born into a French Canadian family in Toronto Ontario. French was the first language she spoke at home, and very quickly became a passion of hers. She graduated from Glendon College, York University, in 2005, with a double major in French and English. In 2006, Melanie graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Education and started her career at University of Toronto Schools, a private school in downtown Toronto.  

In 2011, Melanie switched to supply work and enrolled at Tyndale Seminary. Three years later, she graduated with a Master of Theological Studies and flew off to China to teach at a Christian international school for a couple of years. It was her first time in a context where she had a very difficult time understanding and being understood; prior to this, Melanie’s knowledge of English and French was enough to get her through any situation. Not so in China. But she had great students, enjoyed the food, and she had an opportunity to travel and explore. 

These days, Melanie’s teaching involves supply work and teaching her young son about life. She is excited about teaching with Christian Virtual School, as it will allow her to share her love of languages with her students once again, and to be amazed at what students are capable of. 

When she’s not teaching, Melanie enjoys travelling and discovering new places with her family, reading, classical music, exploring nature, and playing her ukulele. 

Ms. Gagnon will be taking on our FSF1D course as well as FSF2D when it is available. You can learn more about the Grade 9 French course by visiting the course outline page.

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