You might remember her from our Elementary Crew blogpost last year, but this week’s teacher spotlight is such a rockstar that we decided to re-introduce her! Lidia Petrone began teaching with us back in 2021, taking on our Grade 8 courses. Since then she has also become our teacher for Grade 9 English as well as the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course.

Lidia also lends her years of expertise and her passion for the Lord to us in the form of writing and development, most recently wrapping up our coming ENG3U course.

Lidia graduated from McMaster University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and History.  After graduating, Lidia began teaching high school English and ESL at a private school in Mississauga, which catapulted her to teach at other high schools along with a brief tenure teaching English / ESL at Seneca College.   

 As an educator, Lidia is tempered with compassion, wisdom and social justice. Her goal is to offer her online students the very best education as they are the focus of education.  With 25 years of teaching experience, Lidia embeds strong virtues, differentiated instruction, and critical thinking skills for her 21st century global virtual students.    

 Lidia is an incredible part of the team of elite teachers at CVS. Her many years of teaching grade 9 is a true asset to the Grade 8 students as she can guide them with their current courses while seamlessly preparing them for their transition into grade 9.  

 Outside of teaching, Lidia really enjoys reading while sipping coffee, and taking long walks with her family while talking about ideas.   

 Lidia began her teaching career with the pursuit of encouraging each and every one of her students to envision a world where they can create the miraculous.  So, let’s begin by beginning as Ray Bradbury so eloquently stated in his brilliant novel, Fahrenheit 451. 

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