It’s officially summer, which is very evident here in Southwestern Ontario — we’ve already gone through two heat waves! We’re often tempted when it’s hot and humid to stay inside where it’s cool and dry, but if we’ve got spare time and good weather we should be making the most of it.

We have compiled a list of safe and fun activities for the whole family – let’s make every opportunity to cherish one another’s presence this summer.

  • Go for a trail walk – remember to bring lots of water, and maybe snacks if it’s a long one! Find a trail near you here
  • Visit a farmers market – in your town or the next! Find one close to you here
  • Visit your local library and see what community events are happening in your area over the summer, or just hang out there and read! Try challenging yourself and your family to a reading competition over the summer
  • When you’ve got your book(s), grab a blanket, find some shade, and read outside for a while!
  • Plan a BBQ/picnic/potluck at your local park with your family, friends, or church! Remember to respect the area and clean up after yourselves
  • Hike Hamilton’s Waterfalls – check out the guide here
  • Support local and try out a café or restaurant in your town or city you’ve never been to before
  • Plan a road trip with the family and explore the province! Make a scrapbook out of all the photos you take
  • Visit a local Pick-Your-Own farm and enjoy picking fresh seasonal produce!
  • Take your dog(s) on lots of walks as a family – make sure if you’ll be walking on pavement that it is cool enough for their paws, and that you pack lots of water for them!
  • Start or continue accumulating your Community Involvement hours. Check out some volunteer opportunities here
  • Register for a course to take over the summer
  • Go to the closest beach near you and have a sand-castle-making-competition; make sure to wear sunscreen and bring water and snacks!
  • Go camping – Don’t have the time or funds to visit a campsite? Set up a tent in your own back yard and stay out for the night! Have fun telling stories as the stars come out. Don’t want to sleep outside? Make an indoor fort in your living room instead, and have a movie night together!
  • Beat the heat at your local splash pad or community pool
  • Think about your fall courses!

And last but definitely not least, take time as a family to pray and thank the Lord for the time you have with one another.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens – Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

CVS is open year-round, even over the summer months. Have questions about the school and how it works? Book a tour with our administration team now!