Christian Virtual School is not your typical school! Students can register at anytime and be enrolled in their course(s) by the next business day. That’s right, anytime – even over the summer! CVS is open year-round, offering quality online, Christian education that fits in your schedule.

With the flexibility CVS offers, students can complete their courses any time from anywhere, allowing students and their families to still have their summer vacations!

Summer school is a great opportunity for students in Grade 8 who are preparing to enter secondary school in the fall. CVS offers eligible Grade 8 students the opportunity to reach ahead and complete a Grade 9 OSSD credit online during the summer before their Grade 9 year. According to Ontario Schools 2016, section, students can reach ahead during their Grade 8 school year or in the summer prior to entering Grade 9.

Reaching ahead is a great way for students to get comfortable with earning secondary school credits, and to gain experience in their favourite subject.

To review the list of available Grade 9 courses we offer, click here. The course selected for a reach ahead student should be based on their interests and strengths. Admission to the Reach Ahead Program is reviewed on an individual basis and is a collaborative decision between a student’s elementary school principal (or homeschooling parent), the Christian Virtual School principal and the student’s parent/guardian.
Interested in reaching ahead over the summer? Submit the Reach Ahead Enrollment Request to our Guidance Team prior to enrollment.

Set yourself up for success this summer! Would you like more information on how the school works? Book a virtual tour with our Administration Team.