As the typical school year winds down, Grade 8 students are planning and preparing to enter secondary school in the fall. For many students, there may be some uncertainty as what to secondary school will be like, specifically completing credits. Fortunately, Christian Virtual School offers eligible Grade 8 students the opportunity to complete a Grade 9 OSSD credit online.

As per the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, “Under exceptional circumstances, an individual student in Grade 8, with parental consent, may be given permission by the principal of a secondary school to “reach ahead” to take secondary school courses, either during the school year or in the summer prior to entering Grade 9. The principal of the elementary school and the principal of the secondary school will decide, on a case-by-case basis, whether “reaching ahead” to take a secondary school course is in the best interest of the student. The principal of the secondary school will assume responsibility for evaluating the student’s achievement and for granting and recording the credit.” (Section, ON Schools: K to 12 Policy and Program Requirements).

If you or someone you know is in Grade 8 and would like to complete a Grade 9 OSSD credit prior to entering secondary school, please review the Reach Ahead Enrollment Request. Admission to the Reach Ahead Program at Christian Virtual School is reviewed on an individual basis and is a collaborative decision between a student’s elementary school principal (or teaching parent), the Christian Virtual School principal and the student’s parent/guardian.

To review the list of available courses, click here. If you have any questions at all, please email

We wish all the best to Grade 8 students entering secondary school this fall!

Interested in finding out more about Christian Virtual School, or want an inside look at the school? Book a Virtual Tour with a member of our administrative staff, and let us answer all of your reach ahead questions!