March Break has arrived! While CVS is asynchronous and self-paced, we do encourage students and teachers to take some well-deserved time away from their courses and spend it with their families and friends. Our administrative office will be closed from March 13th to March 17th. We will respond to all inquires after we return on March 20, 2023.

If you and your family are looking for some inspiration to make it an awesome week, the team here at CVS has compiled a list of family friendly activities to do over the March Break. We hope that you take this time to be with one another and enjoy your break if you choose to take one.

  • Go for a hike on a nature trail near you. Unsure where the closet trail is? Visit AllTrails and use their search engine to find a good trail near you. Remember to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints!
  • Go camping in your living room. Instead of a typical movie night, have a camp-out. Eat simple food for dinner and fix s’mores for dessert. Make a fort and use sleeping bags or pillows and blankets to get comfy. Watch movies from the comfort of your “tent.”
  • Have a restaurant day! Choose a recipe that you don’t typically have and with parental supervision, prepare a delicious dinner and dessert. Have everyone dress up more than usual and set the table just like a fancy restaurant. If you need help finding a recipe, check out allrecipes for some ideas!
  • It is maple syrup season! If you can’t make it to a sugar shack for some fresh Maple Syrup, make some pancakes and enjoy at home. Don’t like pancakes? Check out this list of sugar shacks to visit in Ontario. You might find one close to home!
  • Visit your local recreation centre for some inexpensive or even free activities, such as public swimming or skating. Don’t forget to pack a thermos of hot chocolate for a treat after!
  • For a full list of attractions available in Ontario this March Break, visit Destination Ontario.