Summer is upon us! Now is a great time to start planning for the next school year. It is important to begin planning courses early to ensure that students are meeting the requirements for the OSSD. As well, planning is key when looking ahead to post-secondary and ensuring that prerequisite courses will be met.

Want to know more about OSSD requirements? This document outlines what is needed to successfully earn the OSSD.

OSSD Requirements 

If you have any questions about course planning and OSSD requirements, CVS Guidance is here to help! Reach out to with any questions or concerns about planning your courses.

As of September 2021, CVS will be offering several new courses at both the elementary and secondary level.

The following secondary courses are NEW and will be available for September 2021:

  • GLC2O, Career Studies, Career Studies, 10, Open
  • CHV2O, Civics and Citizenship, 10, Open
  • SNC2D, Science, 10 Academic
  • FSF1D, French, 9, Academic
  • CGC1D, Geography of Canada, 9, Academic
  • CHC2D, Canadian History Since WWI, 10, Academic
  • AMU2O, Music, 10, Open
  • ENG2D, English, 10, Academic

You can check out our website for a full list of course offerings in both Grade 9 and Grade 10.

We will be offering the following elementary courses:

  • Grades 5-8: Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Health and Physical Education
  • Grades 4-8: Core French

You can learn more about our elementary programs on our How it Works page.

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Are you interested in taking some online courses over the summer? CVS is open year-round, and students can begin their courses within one business day.