Have you ever really sat back and marveled at the wonders of this world? From the tiny grains of sand to the incomprehensibly sized galaxies? Let’s set the tone – in a previous post we discussed improving our mood with, reducing anxiety by listening to, and worshipping God through music, so before you read any further, press play on the video on this page.

Is it playing? Good.

Sometimes we as a society get lost in the hustle and bustle, the grind, the 9-5. We forget to “stop and smell the roses”. We pass by the new growth on the trees, ignore the fluffy formations of the clouds, and miss glimpses of the moon.

God created so many breathtaking, incredible things. It’s a shame to let them go by unnoticed. The universe He created and all that’s in it deserves recognition, and in turn, we should praise God for these things. We should spend more time spent in wonder, in awe.

The lyric happening right now should be “With no point of reference”. Think about that. Everything you see around you, everything that exists in the universe, God spoke to the dark, to nothing… and here we are. Keep listening.

As you speak

A hundred billion galaxies are born

God spoke, and the universe twirled into existence. Doesn’t that just fill you with wonder and awe? Isn’t that feeling amazing? How spectacular is it, that God created even that feeling you have right now?

We’d like to try something new. Something to bring glory and honour to God and all his creation. We want to fill our lives with those wonderous feelings. We will be starting up a new series called Wednesday Wonder, in which we will highlight all of the striking, fascinating, astonishing works of God around us. From tiny specks of pollen to the tallest mountains, we want to marvel at these creations and glorify Him!

Keep an eye on our social media for weekly doses of Wonder.