At CVS we strive to offer support and resources for homeschooling families. The intent is to give homeschooling families the freedom to focus on their child’s individual needs and to confidently cover every standard in the Ontario curriculum. Families can rest assured that our resources are not only aligned to the Ontario curriculum, but are also rooted in a Christian perspective.

Our mission as a school is to connect learners to online Christian education. Through personalized teaching and compassionate administrative support, we deliver exceptional learning experiences that are firmly rooted in a Christ-centered worldview. Our fully online courses and resources challenge students to grow both spiritually and academically. Our global learning community celebrates and champions the need to serve others. We encourage and inspire our students to embrace the value of community engagement and to make a positive impact.


Families can subscribe to our materials on a monthly basis to use as a homeschooling resource. This allows families and students to work independently, without a teacher. Each subscription allows students 24/7 access to our secure learning environment and includes:

  • Easy to use course outline
  • Planned lessons and teaching content
  • Christian perspective
  • Engaging videos, interactive games, and quizzes
  • Assessment ideas and activities
  • Practice activities for every Ontario curriculum expectation
  • Tools for tracking student progress

Families can use our resources to confidently cover every expectation set by the Ontario curriculum. If families require a teacher for their children, they are welcome to enroll as a student at CVS.


We are building out an entire catalogue of courses for students to take online. As an inspected private school, each course allows students the opportunity to earn a credit toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our courses are fully asynchronous, allowing students to enroll in a course on any day of the year and progress through the work at their own pace, taking up to a year. All secondary level courses have a teacher available to answer questions, mark assignments, and return feedback.

CVS has a flexible admissions policy and students are able to enroll in 1 course, or several, depending on what they need at the time. To be considered a full-time student of Christian Virtual School, students need to be registered for at least 6 courses.

Want to learn more about our secondary courses? Take a look at our art, English, and business course sneak peeks!

Homeschool Symposium

Christian Virtual School is excited to be a part of the 2021 Canadian Homeschool Symposium running May 11 to 15, and put on by the Learning House. We’re excited to be a vendor at this year’s symposium, in order to increase visibility and access to exceptional Christian education.

This year’s lineup is chock-full of excellent resources and quality encouragement for homeschooling families:

? Dr. Caroll Smith of Charlotte Mason Institute
? Renton Rathbun of BJU Press Homeschool
? Ana Willis of
? Hester VanBraeden of Classical Education Books
? Brigette VanHuisstede
? Sue Wright of Creation Ministries International
? Thomas Bailey of Creation Ministries International
? Lisa Marie Fletcher of The Canadian Homeschooler
? Mary-Lou Maclean of NILD Canada
? Stacey Weeks
? Jessica Holder
? Peter Stock of HsldaCanada
? Matthew Stephens of Essentials in Writing
and more!

Register today at