Give the Gift of Education

Christian Virtual School is committed to providing exceptional online Christian education. Our vision is a world in which everyone can have access to exceptional Christian education, and that means striving to remove barriers caused by geography, physical abilities, and finances.

Would you consider gifting a course, or more, to a student? It might be someone close to you, like a grandchild, or it might be a student you don’t personally know. Either way, you are taking an important step in helping more families access Christian education.

Check out the following ways to support a student below:

Direct Gift

With this option, you can direct funds to a specific student’s cost of tuition. This might mean donating the full cost of a course, or it may mean partially covering the cost of course, whichever makes most sense for you and the student.

Once you’ve chosen your donation amount, we will email you a completed gift card with all the necessary information for you to give to the student. Upon registration, the student will enter their unique coupon code, which will deduct the donation amount.

Sponsor a Student

With this option, you can choose to give the gift of education to a student or family you may not know by donating to a general tuition fund. Christian Virtual School will then provide tuition assistance to families in need as they register.

In an effort to make Christian education accessible to all, CVS is proud to donate $25 for every $100 donated to the general tuition fund.

Course Fees

Ready to commit to making exceptional Christian education accessible to all? Donate here.