The Christmas Break is upon us! It is a wonderful time of year to spend making memories with family. This year may look different than past years for some, as we continue to navigate the global pandemic and the challenges it brings. The staff here at CVS are excited to offer some ideas for students and their families to get creative on Christmas Break! Whether you love the outdoors, or enjoy crafts and holiday movies, there is something for you!

  • Play cards or board games together. Pictionary is a great choice! Use a random word generator if you need help coming up with subjects.
  • Spend time outside tobogganing or snowshoeing (if you have snow). If not, enjoy a nice trail walk on a local trail.
  • Set up a video call with extended family or friends. If they live nearby, drop off gifts ahead of time on their porch and open them together on a video call.
  • Make a fort in the living room and watch a classic Christmas movie together.
  • Do some holiday baking! You can make Christmas cookies, pies, cake, brownies, or another favourite.
  • Make some hot chocolate and go for a drive or a walk around to look at Christmas lights in your neighbourhood.
  • Get crafty! Gather some popsicle sticks and make a Nativity Stable Ornament. Click here for instructions.
  • Go on a candy cane hunt! Grab some candy canes from your local Dollar Store or make them with paper and coloured markers. Hide the candy canes around your house and set a timer to see who can collect the most, in the shortest amount of time. The winner gets the first cup of hot chocolate!
  • Read a book! Choose one from home, or there are wonderful Christmas books that can be found at your local library.

All of us at Christian Virtual School pray you and your loved ones have a safe and wonderful Christmas break! Take this time to enjoy each other and all that we have to be grateful for this blessed holiday season. Merry Christmas!