Family Day is approaching quickly – it seems like it snuck up on us this year! It’s not going to look quite the same as it has previously for most. While we may not be able to visit grandparents in person or go skiing or visit a museum, we can still take this day to appreciate one another’s company. Sure, the majority of us have been at home with family for almost a year now, but how much of that time is truly spent in each other’s presence? We’re all working, doing school work, keeping busy. Let’s take this bonus day, away from the “office” and away from the “classroom” to really be with one another.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

Coming up with new activities can be difficult! We’ve put together a list of possibilities for you:

  • Put on a “formal dinner party” for just your family, make a dish you’ve never tried before – include everyone in the prep! Take some time and get dressed up!
  • Make cupcakes, brownies, or a favourite baked good – with a twist, mom and dad are blindfolded! Kids, you get to instruct. (blindfolds come off before operating the oven.)
  • Make a fort in the living room and watch a family favourite movie, make sure there’s snacks.
  • Spend time outside, if it’s nice enough! Go sledding, skating where you can, have a snowball fight, go for a hike!
  • “Go” to the “zoo” with these live cams:, ,
  • Play cards or board games together. Pictionary is always a classic! Use if you need help coming up with subjects!
  • Play minute-to-win-it games (the set up is half the fun!) Here are some instructions and inspiration:
  • Spend some time looking through old family photos and telling old stories.
  • Make a family tree. If you really want to explore, visit websites like! (Free 14 day trial)
  • Set up a video call with extended family.
  • Write cards or letters to the seniors at your local retirement home.
  • Put on a dance show! Choreograph a short routine to your favourite worship song.
  • Set up an obstacle course, inside or outside! See who can get through it the quickest.
  • Have a “reading party”. Everyone gather your favourite book, make a round of hot chocolate, and read together.

Sleds don’t have to be fancy! Use what you can. Pictured here: a cardboard box.

Last, but definitely not least, take some time to thank Jesus for bringing you into His family, and bask in His presence.