“How do final exams work at Christian Virtual School?” This question comes up in almost every conversation we have with prospective families!

It is interesting to note that June is typically a busy month of exam taking – even at an asynchronous school. We all know how stressful exams can be, even if you feel confident about the material, actually sitting for the exam can be nerve wracking!

In order to reduce some of that test anxiety, we offer fully online and self-paced courses – which applies to the final exam, too! Once a student has completed their course work and submitted all of their assessments, they can take the final exam when they feel they are ready. Students schedule it themselves and can take it at any time that is convenient for them.

The only stipulation is that a student must complete their course, including their final exam, within 12 months of enrolment. Other than this timeline, there is no rules on when, where, or how fast a student can complete a course.

If a course has a final exam, it is set up very similarly in our learning management system to the test and quizzes students have already been completing throughout their course. This ensures that there are no surprises, and students can focus on the material instead of how to take the test.

One of Christian Virtual School’s core values is Integrity. While we demonstrate this integrity as a school through our operations, we also ask students to demonstrate this integrity in their faith as well as in their academic dealings.

One way we emphasize academic integrity is the requirement that all final exams must be proctored. That said, we have eliminated the need for an in-person-proctor or attending a physical test center by integrating Integrity Advocate into our courses. This privacy company provides proctoring for online exams. The learning environment and learner are monitored by biometric technology, and their services are available 24/7, so students may write their exam whenever and wherever needed.

No plug in or software install is required – students only need a working webcam and a piece of photo ID in order to take their exam.

Exams can still be stressful, so our advice to students is to be sure to sit somewhere comfortable, quiet, and where you won’t be disrupted. Make sure you’ve studied and asked your teacher all of your questions, and most of all, taken a second to pray!

If you have more questions about the exam process, or our school in general, give us a call or book a tour!