Elyse is our English teacher at CVS. She graduated from Western University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Immediately after graduating, Elyse began teaching grades one to eight music and co-teaching grades two and three at a Christian elementary school in south-western Ontario. She thoroughly enjoyed her eight years there. During that time, Elyse also completed her Master’s of Education in Curriculum Studies.   

In 2018, Elyse went on maternity leave with her daughter. After her leave, she decided not to return to classroom teaching, and began to look for new opportunities and ways to use her teaching skills and experience with curriculum leadership. This is how Elyse came to Christian Virtual School. At CVS, Elyse is a curriculum writer and a teacher. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to “dip her toes” in both of those areas!   

Some fun facts that Elyse wants her students to know: “I am married to my best friend (I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true) and we have a two-year-old daughter.  She’s very active, so a lot of my time is spent chasing her around and keeping her busy with as many crafts, games, and activities that I can come up with!  We enjoy spending time as a family, and especially like going for bike rides together.  In my free time I like to use Mixbook to scrapbook online.  I also like to journal, so I write about our family’s adventures and my daughter’s milestones and include those details along with all our family photos. 

One more little-known fact about me is that I completed my highschool diploma online!  There weren’t very many virtual learning opportunities at the time, so I’m very thankful that Christian Virtual School is now an option for students to earn their diploma while also learning and growing in their faith.  I trust that my experience with online learning as a student will enable me to be understanding and supportive of you as my students.”

Elyse shares a quote from the novel studied in CVS’ ENG1D course, The Hobbit:

Go back? […] ‘No good at all!  Go sideways?  Impossible!  Go forward? 

Only thing to do!  On we go!”