We are excited to announce one of recent course launches – GWL3O: Designing Your Future. Our dedicated team of writers, developers and administrative staff have been hard at work preparing this course for students.

GWL3O: Designing Your Future is found in the Guidance and Career Education curriculum and is a Grade 11 Open level course that does not require a prerequisite. Students who enjoyed GLC2O: Career Studies will also enjoy this course, as it builds upon many of the same themes and topics. Students are encouraged to get excited about career planning and begin designing their future!

Our wonderful Mr. Mark Hindermeier is excited to lead this class!

Course Outline

This course prepares students to make successful transitions to postsecondary destinations as they investigate specific postsecondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal characteristics. Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect success, while refining their job-search and employability skills. Students will develop their portfolios with a focus on their targeted destination and develop an action plan for future success.

Throughout the course students are reminded to keep God at the forefront of their plans, as He will provide them with courage and confidence. Students are encouraged to explore the wonderful gifts and talents God has bestowed upon them and encourages them to share with the world. As students plan and prepare for the future, they are encouraged to continue to pray for guidance and wisdom, and to trust that the Lord will walk with them step-by-step on their journey. 

To learn more about this course, you can view the course outline on our website or check out a sneak peek below!