Caleb graduated from the University of Western in 2019 with a Bachelor of Music with honours in Music Education and a second teachable in Mathematics. He then graduated from Queen’s University with a bachelor’s degree in Education in 2020.  


As a musician, Caleb has always been fascinated with the relationship between math and music. Caleb believes that learning about these subjects will add value and richness to one’s life. The subject of math has many real-world applications and can help anyone to succeed in any profession. He has also found that music is a powerful way for people to express themselves and can be enjoyed in different capacities throughout one’s life.  


Apart from teaching, Caleb enjoys composing and producing music, exercising, and spending time by the beach. He also loves pizza, and his favourite band is Snarky Puppy. Caleb’s faith is important in his life, and he is looking forward to being a part of Christian Virtual School.