One of Christian Virtual School’s core values is community. We support our local community and strive to build a community of learners by fostering relationships, friendships, and open conversations. We work to inspire students to make an impact within their communities and to align their passions with local or global needs.

Being a completely online and asynchronous school definitely has it’s upsides, but we recognize that it can feel isolating at times. Over the past several months we’ve been brainstorming how we can foster a community within our school for our current and future students. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you likely read that we have held a couple of successful, and dare I say super fun, Student Socials, where students were invited to virtually hang out, play games, and get to know one another. With these successful socials under our belt, we have been working on revamping students’ experience within the learning environment.

We will be launching a whole new home page for our students to include a variety of elements which we think will help develop a community feeling for our school. Check out the new features that will be released to students in the next week:


Students will now have access to a fun new daily physical activity each day! These activities are meant to get students up and active for 20 minutes, away from their desks.


The “Cafeteria” is a short social that will be held virtually, every Thursday at noon. The Cafeteria will be open to all students to simply hang out, chit chat, and get to know one another.


Students will soon have access to their “Homeroom”, separated by grade. Here they can connect with their peers, speak with their teachers, and make new friends! Their Homeroom will be available at all times.

Bible Study

Students have always had access to their weekly Bible study via their news widget on their homepage. They will continue to have access on a weekly basis, but in a more central, permanent way!


The calendar is a tool where students can see all upcoming events, (like National Vanilla Cupcake Day and the next Student Social) as well as manage tasks they set for themselves.

Help Desk

Students have also always had access to Help Desk, but now it is again available in a more permanent and easily accessible way.

We are very excited to unveil these changes for students, and hope that through them we can foster a community. We are always open to new ideas and feedback, so please reach out if there is something you feel would be valuable!

If you would like to see more or are curious as to how online education works, book a tour with our administration team!